Thursday, July 30, 2009

Southeast Whitesburg Mural--28 Back in the groove

A good day today. Color everywhere. I like a day when I both do some good face work and fill in large areas with bright color.

The sweet face to the right belongs to Lora Cummings, who I had the pleasure of teaching in two different classes last spring, and joining as a fellow student in creative writing. Lora is a married mom, who has an awesome singing voice, and surprised herself (but not our instructor) by being quite adept at rhyming verse.

Below is an overview of the area that I worked on today. Several faces were completed, and a lot of clothing was filled in, once I figured out what colors to use.

The two young men in the middle of today's work are Physical Therapy Assistant students taking turns working on techniques. Physical Therapy Assistant is our oldest allied health program on the Whitesburg campus.

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