Sunday, July 12, 2009

a peep in the night

Last night while we were watching TV we left the backdoor open. At one point I looked up and noted the dozen plus moths that had plastered themselves to the outside of the storm door. Then I did a double take. One of the light attracted little bodies was not a moth. So I carefully stepped outside with my camera to get a picture of this little Mountain Chorus Frog (formal name Pseudacris brachyphona, but more commonly known around here as a "peeper") whose little 1 1/2" body was plastered to the glass. Sorry about the poor focus.


Maggie said...

When I was young, we would play games late in the evening in the dirt road in front of our home.

Many times, we would see little frogs hopping in the dusty dirt as they seemed to be playing games of their own.

Have you ever taken wet dirt and made a "frog house?" We would put the wet soil over our bare foot and then slowly pull out foot out of the dirt leaving the "house."

As a child we had few store bought toys but spent hours with out end of fun games.

I think your photo is so cute...thanks for taking me back into a fun memory.

Qaro said...

So cute!

I found them on YouTube:

Quiet Paths said...

This is really a small frog! I wonder what it thought would happen clinging to your glass?