Sunday, July 26, 2009

the flood

A while back my insurance agent and I discussed cancelling our flood insurance and using the savings to up the valuation of our household goods, but I never got around to getting over to his office on the other side of the county to sign the papers. This morning I was glad I hadn't.

This is purely the consequence of mountain top removal and strip-mining above our holler. Nothing like this ever happened before the mining began. Our neighbor above us, observed the water pouring over the hill above his house directly off the stripped bare mountain. The brown river in the center of the first photo is suppose to be our neighbor's drive way!

The photos below show the rushing river of muddy water that is normally our yard.


Jessica said...

I'm sure the coal company is not offering any help to clean up the muddy mess OR any kind of solution to keep this from happening again....

I'm glad that the unnaturally rerouted water didn't take anyone by surprise and knock them off of their feet..

Oy! I'm pissed!

sgreerpitt said...

Actually the coal company, took care of all the problems -- both with our property and worked on the source of the problem at least to the extent of repairing their drainage ditch. However, the basic problem of bare mountain tops that cause there to be excessive run-off that has to be channeled away does not disappear.
The county officials and the federal surface mine folks got on them the day of the flood, and the coal company had folks there that afternoon talking to us. All the debris was removed, the driveways were regraveled and the lawn reseeded.