Saturday, May 2, 2009

starting a garden

Planted my tiny container garden this afternoon. So far, two tomato plants -- a heirloom gold and red tomato, and a smaller hybrid -- and six sweet yellow bell peppers. John helped me by digging down to the bottom of his compost heap for some nice gooey black compost to add to my potting soil.

We locate the containers just outside the fenced in part of the yard -- because Rosie dog likes to chew on the containers, and she will eat the tomatoes! I am re-purposing some non-recyclable kitty litter containers. (We usually buy recyclable containers, but had a few stacked in our junk room that we couldn't recycle). We punched some holes for drainage in the bottoms. I hope this experiment works.

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Qaro said...

Boy, that soil IS dark. I hope they stay warm this year!