Sunday, May 24, 2009

One Single Impression -- Dropped

all I could think of this week was all the various phrases we have with the word "dropped" in it. Turns out that there are quite a lot of them, for example: "dropped a dime," "dropped names," "dropped a load," etc. Below is my feeble attempt at humor.

When he dropped the hint
she dropped a stitch.
She didn't like the glint
in his eye, or the hitch
if they dropped the ball
on their plans for the mall.

Sunday May 24, 2009

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gautami tripathy said...

I like the rhyming!

changing orbits

anthonynorth said...

Great rhyme. You can sing this.

Jim said...

Hi Sue, this is neat. I too like the rhyme, isn't it fun to do rhymes!

Mrs. Jim didn't like much of any of my hints. Out and out, she said 'no way' (like she doesn't like being dropped off either).
It was in December 1972, the last month of leap year. She had heard so much from Mom and Dad and me about their being married in Leap Year.
Of course Dad said, always, that she had to propose to him and couldn't wait as Leap Year was ending (December 28th anniversary).
What has Lil' Abner, Daisy Mae, and Sadie Hawkins done to us?

Beth P. said...

Are they going to rob the mall?
Build a mall?
Crawl a mall?

So many options, maybe none of them as to be dropped!

Loved your take, as always--

Geraldine said...

Oh this I like and can SOOOO relate to.:<)

Thanks Sue, wonderful, whimsical take on the prompt!

SandyCarlson said...

I enjoyed this.

On a different note, a woman who is a neighbor and has MS recently took up with a man. I am so glad. Her husband dumped her when he heard she was ill. But this new guy is a gem, and they are like youthful sweethearts.

The innocence of your humor made me think of them and how happy I am she is being treated right by a good man. So thanks for making me smile.

Tumblewords: said...

I love the whimsy in this - the look at the upside of the drop!

floreta said...

love the brainstorming on the word 'dropped'! great job.

gabrielle said...

you drop a stitch and the whole sweater unravels. maybe it wasn't such a good idea, the mall...a movie instead?

gabrielle said...

drop one stitch and everything unravels. maybe it wasn't such a good idea, the mall. a movie instead?

Quiet Paths said...

Delightful poem! I can only imagine what ensued later... love it!