Monday, May 18, 2009

"card from California" part 3

We survived Sunday on our own. Jennifer had the whole day off, so I was in charge from Saturday at 7:00 PM until Monday at 10:30 AM. It went fairly smoothly. I can really see how my mother has deteriorated mentally, however. She exhibits signs of obsessive behavior, and speaks disjointedly about things that make sense only to her. Often utterly unconnected with the flow of activity around her. She alternates between bemoaning the ways in which her capacities are failing, to refusing to acknowledge that her judgment is in any way impaired. She speaks all the time of how frequently she falls (dozens of times in the last few years, often with very serious consequences), yet, when one asks her to slow down or take care so that she doesn't get hurt, she denies that there is any possibility that she will fall and get hurt. She "explains" away the serious falls as unusual and happening only because of extraordinary circumstances and the interference of others. When reminded that her last fall (that sent her to the ER) a couple of weeks ago was when she was alone while my brother was in another room working with my dad, she suggests that my brother was influencing through some type of remote control making her fall.

It's all very sad. Unfortunately, short of tying her down in bed, the chances are she will continue to fall, and continue to end up in the hospital. We can prevent her from putting my father in danger, but completely prevent her from injuring herself.

My father now recognizes me, which, it turns out, makes things work more smoothly.

I finally got to the public library to use an updated computer. So I can include some photographs.

The wonderful care giver, Jennifer, and my parents in the living/dining room of their home.


Qaro said...

It's good that you got to get out there and see them and spend time with them! I'm glad your dad recognizes you now! (My mom refuses to use even a cane although she needs one desperately.)

zoya gautam said...

.. my love & warm regards to ur mom & dad & also to jennifer ..

thank u ..