Saturday, May 2, 2009

irises for betti

Some time ago my BFF of 46 years, Betti, helped satisfy my passion for irises with a spectacular stained glass piece featuring two blue irises. These living irises from the garden of the physician that lives next door to the college are the same color. I thought the photo did a good job of capturing their velvety richness.

It's been a very busy two weeks, with out any time to post, so I've got lots of pent up thoughts. Also I bought an inexpensive digital camera (Canon PowerShot A470) on Wednesday, so that I would not have to keep swiping John's digital. I'm really bad about remembering to return it to its proper resting place, so he has to come searching for it when he needs it.

I have a really nice, 20+ year old Pentax, but I have trouble remembering to take the film to be developed, and even more trouble remembering to go back and get it. Besides I've become impatient for the instant gratification of digital.

I've clicked about 200+ photographs (excluding the one's deleted immediately) in the past four days! It's been raining off and on all day, and the photo below captured a clearing moment with mist rising from the hills.

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Qaro said...

Those are cool pictures! It's great having a little camera to bring along. I messed up with the camera I got last year. It's great and all, but a little too big and a little too expensive to throw in my purse! Oops! I must do it anyway, my kids are burgeoning teenagers and I've got to capture their last light before the dark ages.