Wednesday, May 6, 2009

feeling very artistic

My campus of Southeast KY Community and Technical College is celebrating it's twentieth anniversary this year. One of the things that the committee responsible for the celebration wants to do is commission a mural for a blank wall in the administration building.

One of the fellows on the committee remembered seeing one of my paintings in my office and suggested me for the job. So over this past weekend I had to pull together a virtual portfolio to submit. So far everyone is enthusiastic about the idea. The only one who has not weighed in yet is the college president.

So I may or may not get to do this. Nonetheless, I've already got the creative juices flowing, and have been sketching out ideas, first as words, then as digital images. This would be extraordinarily challenging, but exactly the kind of change of pace challenge I've been craving. Way outside of my comfort zone and routines!

While I was feeling creative, I decided to replace the generic sunflowers from Microsoft clip-art with a detail from one of my own paintings for the masthead of this blog.


Deborah Godin said...

Love your sunflowers, and I think the way you paint would lend itself very well to a mural. That would be so cool! Keep us posted!

p.s.I found a wav file that might be your mystery bird:

Amias said...

I hope you get it Sue, I think you will do a fantastic job! I like your flower better ...wish I knew how to paint like this. Since I don't I try to paint with words.

Quiet Paths said...

Oh, oh I hope you do it!! As the Germans say: holding my thumb for you.

Qaro said...

Wow, that is really awesome! I love your new blog header! I hope you get it!