Saturday, May 2, 2009

Creative Writing

One of my real pleasures of this past semester was taking a creative writing class. The course was taught by my friend and colleague Madeline Gibson, who provided us all with a safe place to experiment and learn, gave us lots of interesting creative challenges, and even more encouragement
I have been writing poetry all my life, but never short stories. During this class I completed a 4,000 word short story. I started it two years ago, but was never able to get it finished. The encouragement I got from my classmates from reading the beginning out loud, helped push me to complete it. It was absolutely amazing to discover that other people were interesting in "finding out what happens next" in a story I was writing.

On Thursday April 30, our college campus held its annual awards ceremony. Each of the faculty members gives any number of awards and recognitions to students in their various classes.

Madeline had several awards to give out to writing students in her various classes, and concluded with our writing class. She recognized Mitch (left) for his wit and humor. Shirella (with the glasses) whose MS makes just getting to class a daily struggle was recognized for her persistence and enthusiasm.

Lora (in yellow) declared on the first day of class that she simply could not write at all, and had no creativity -- surprised herself (but not Madeline) in having a real knack for writing rhyming poetry that turned everyday moments into music. Madeline recognized her for most improved writer.

To Joy (in pink), who always lives up to her name, Madeline gave an award for most talented writer. Amazing, insightful, beautiful, poignant words just flow from Joy. Her short stories, sketches and poems thrilled all of us.

The surprise of the evening -- Madeline even had an award for me: best reader!


Deborah Godin said...

How nice to have a community to work and share with. And good for you for reading, too! Do you think you'll write more stories?

joy said...

Such a compliment coming from you.
by the way i saw Johny buying a wedding band today so they must have set a date.