Thursday, June 25, 2009

Southeast Whitesburg Mural--08 Getting the Details Down

Bricks. Lots of bricks. Tiny little bricks. I've never painted bricks before -- never. It's going to be race to see which gives out first, my back or my eyes!

On the whole I'm very pleased with todays work. Details, except in portraits, were never my strong suit. So it was hard for me to stick to working on details for five hours. No, it didn't take 5 hours just to do these bricks, there was also cement blocks, and window details, and a few other things. Oh, yes and did I mention my back hurts?

Picture above shows the bricks and other details completed today in situ.

I enhanced my "living space" on the scaffold today with a rug -- to cushion shins and knees getting up and down, to cushion feet while standing, and to make my little folding camp chair stay put. At the end of the day, I had Ron Brunty our student counselor/advisor/admissions guy take a picture of me with the scaffold.

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Quiet Paths said...

Wow, this is moving along. It looks great! You be careful on that scaffolding. Love the pic he took of you.