Wednesday, June 17, 2009

rising water

The call came to say the scaffolding had arrived in Whitesburg for my mural project, so I took off for campus at noon today, only to be turned back by flooded roads.

In several places the stream had jumped the bank and was flowing, rapidly over the road way.

When I returned I took photos of Yonts Fork, which flows into the stream flooding the main road. This is the highest I've ever seen Yonts Fork, the first time in 13 years it has come so close to the roadway. In the picture on the right, the water is so high that you cannot even see the large metal culvert that channels the stream (most of the time) under the entrance to our road.

In the second picture (left) you can see the pipe, but just a bit downstream Yonts Fork has risen nearly to the level of a neighbor's driveway bridge.

The combination of extensive strip-mining in our locality, and heavier precipitation in recent years contribute to more and more problems with flash flooding.

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