Thursday, July 31, 2008

a question for artists

Only very recently have I started transfering my drawings from paper to jpg. Even more recently it occurred to me, that errors that were made on the paper, that would not erase without damage to the page, could be corrected quite easily in the Paint program.

For example, the recent self-portrait I did had a small error - a dark smudge - on one eye that shifted the eye's apparent focus. It was more noticeable in the jpg file than in the original drawing. So I started playing around with it in Paint, and made the correction to the electronic version that I was unable to make on the paper version. As a result I no longer look cross-eyed, and I added a little shadow to soften the mouth, so I look less grim.

Is this honest? If the same person does both the original drawing and the editing to the computer file, is it still art?

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