Wednesday, July 9, 2008

don't you just hate it when...

...all the wall outlets in your kitchen stop working, and you can't get an electrician to come for days (counting down three at this point). [We've got a utility extension cord strung across the house to keep the refrigerator running.] hurt your foot stepping on a dog toy, and it doesn't get better, so three weeks later, after your husband nags you and nags you you finally go to the doctor. Only your own doctor is on vacation and you have to go to the walk in clinic, where it takes 3 hours out of your afternoon, only to have the result be -- nothing in the x-ray, no sign of anything wrong, no explanation. [So now I feel like a hypochondriac and a lazy lie-around, but my foot still hurts to walk. Go figure.]

...your reading glasses are always in the other room -- even when you have two pair of them!

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