Thursday, July 3, 2008

music and politics

I've come across something quite interesting, a blog belonging to a band Max and the Marginalized, that writes good music on current political themes. If you are not a liberal you probably won't like the lyrics. Their most recent song, expresses their concern that recent pronouncements by Barack Obama make them question whether or not he is the candidate for which they hoped and should support. Sentiments that I admit to having myself.

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Qaro said...

I couldn't figure out which song you meant. (Sorry, sometimes I get dumb by the time I get to the internets.)

I couldn't find the video but there was a fascinating episode of "30 Rock" ("Fireworks") where Liz Lemon spills all her secrets to a friend. She said she was going to tell all her friends she was going to vote for Obama, but secretly vote for McCain. Prescient: This episode aired early Spring but nailed the final candidates.

I am not sure about my vote but I do know I am stocking up on food and gas before election day this year.