Monday, July 28, 2008

one single impression -- faces

"One Single Impression":

The prompt this week (#22) is "faces"


drawn from life
their faces fill the pages
of my memory,
at times bereft of names
or place.

july 28, 2008


gautami tripathy said...

Yes, we do feel this way sometimes..

weed it out

zoya gautam said...

that generate or otherwise a feeling_that find expression or otherwise _
faces with or without names..thanks for sharing..

tumblewords said...

Great post!

SandyCarlson said...

Wonderful! I do know this feeling. Thanks for joining us, Su.

Roswila said...

Wonderful drawings. Thanks for sharing them.

one more believer said...

yes, yes... that is so true.. awesome drawings...

Raven said...

You are an amazing artist. This poem is lovely as well... not just in it's literal truth but in the underlying universal truth it also expresses.

Kathiesbirds said...

And the older I get the more names I forget! Cute poem and nice sketches to boot!

Lirone said...

Thanks for letting us flip through your old sketch books with you!

Anonymous said...

Hi, welcome to the group!

What talent your pen has, love your faces and words.

Anonymous said...

Your faces are wonderfully done and words are also as wonderful.

Joyce said...

Sue, this is my first visit to your blog; I have enjoyed myself very much.

Firstly, I love sunflowers, too.

Secondly, my daughters and I have rescued many abandoned cats out here in the country where we live.

Thirdly, did you do the drawings? They are quite good, very expressive.

Lastly, I am fiercely opinionated also (though I try not to show this too much).

Sue said...

Joyce, thank you for your comments.

I did do the drawings. I'm a bit out of practice in the last decade and have recently started back (see self portraits in a post a few days early that this one).

We live in a very rural area that does not have local shelters (neither county nor Humane society nor ASPCA). A regional shelter will take dogs only. So I took in injured and abandoned cats for years, until my husband said "stop." Because we had stretched the budget to the limit. All of our kitties are now senior citizens. And I have put some of my time and energy into helping get a local shelter.