Wednesday, March 3, 2010

spring will come

Funny thing, I started out about an hour ago to write a post bemoaning about all the stuff getting me down. For every complaint I listed, I could think of a dozen or more people within my immediate interaction circle, and thousands of people in the wider world (like Haiti, Iraq, Chile, etc.) who have much bigger problems.

I really hate it when people who like me, are basically healthy and more or less financially secure (if not necessarily affluent), and live in safe communities and societies, make all their conversations and communications about the little problems and adversities of their lives. I'm not talking about the occasional gripe session, but folks who never seem to have anything to say, but a litany of complaints about life.

I especially hate it when people with all these advantages start talking about how depressed they are because of all the bad things happening to other people whether the others are their friends and neighbors or strangers in Haiti. It's one thing to feel empathy for people with problems, and to take action to help others, it's totally a different thing to be so absorbed by the woes of others that one become paralyzed by depression.

So on second thought, my life is good. I have love and friendship, interesting worthwhile work, reasonably good health, and the snow won't last forever -- spring will come.

Photo taken 20 years ago after a late March snow storm.

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Qaro said...

Oh good. That's beautiful!

I never know what to say when people say the reason they won't have children is because they don't want to raise them in a world like this. I want to say something smart-alecky about the moon but I don't know. I just don't know what to say. I kind of like my town and my life.