Thursday, March 25, 2010

why do people litter?

I really don't get it. Why do people trash the places where they spend their time? Does it really take that much effort to step a few feet away to the receptacle for cigarettes?

The college goes to substantial effort to create beautiful flower beds--with much of the work done by students themselves--so that students will have a pleasant place to spend their time. Yet the students who spend the most time outdoors (the smokers)
"enjoying" the space, are the ones who are most destructive.

It makes me angry, and makes me want to cry to see this.

My students complain about the negative stereotypes about Appalachians, yet they contribute to those stereotypes by trashing the world around them.


Freddy el Desfibradddor said...

Why do smokers dispose of their butts so carelessly?

Because to smokers, the world is their ashtray.

The harm they do to the aesthetics of the flowerbed is much less than the harm they do to their own bodies - I speak as someone who has had close friends, and my own mother, die from lung cancer.

bethb119 said...

It's the same where I work. I don't understand the mentality that cigarette butts are not trash.

Qaro said...

Nothing to do with Appalachians, just smokers everywhere.

Sue said...

glad its not just a regional thing, although I think we have a higher percentage of our students who smoke than outside the region.