Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Remember, Betti?

Columbus Day

Fog mingles with rain, and snags
in the tops of the redwoods,
not reaching the road where
the trees close in densely.

Morning paper amuses, informs
while the wind shakes the metal shell
around us and blurs the boundaries
between grey waves and grey rain.

We race the shifting sun and clouds
and chase the rainbow
up the coast highway
past orange pumpkin fields and green hills
before turning city-ward again.

S. Greer
October 26, 1973

Photo is this past Saturday in Kentucky, but it reminded me of our day-off adventure, all those years ago.


if said...

very nice...

zoya gautam said...

oh yes , very nice ..

Amias said...

What a journey ... I especially love this line, as it reminded me of a time when my mother was living ..

"past orange pumpkin fields and green hills" ..