Sunday, September 13, 2009

summer companions

Here's a little grasshopper who liked my patio furniture, and stayed long enough for a good photo. Click on the photo to see the full-sized version and look at the amazing details of his legs!
Wish I knew what variety of grasshopper this little guy was. Love the red eyes.

Update Monday 9/14/09: My friend Betti put me on the right track. This little critter is a katydid, and its a "she." A wonderful blog Nature Inquiries also provides us with the answer to Maggie's question about the "stinger" at the tail: "the female is recognized by the curved, bladelike ovipositor protruding from the back of her abdomen. A structure of this sort is present in all female crickets and katydids."


Maggie said...

I loved the grasshopper photo. It was as if it was posing for you.

The legs make me think of a barbed wire and it`s coloring is almost Christmas-like.

Thanks for sharing this captured moment.

Maggie said...

I have been searching the web for a grasshopper just like this one and I had no luck.

Is that a stinger at it`s tail?

Sue said...

Maggie, I just learned that's an "ovipositor" at her tail (how she lays the eggs).

Amias said...

She is very beautiful! But that tail still look dangerous ...

She does look like she's posing for you. I have never seen one like this before.

Qaro said...

That is so cool looking! Great photo! Never seen one of those rainbow grasshoppers before! : )