Saturday, September 12, 2009

One Single Impression -- Romance

Better late than never! Thanks for the concern, Jim.

I know love
that warmth
suffusing every moment,
care and support through
darkest night
and coldest dawn;
sweet companionship
of lives entwined,
commitment to a common path.

I know passion,
pure fire clean through,
lightening strike,
sizzling senses,
snatching breath,
pulsing in the veins,
hot and slippery,

What is romance
to these?
Curling cards, yellowing notes,
discarded baubles,
faded petals,
a wisp of candle smoke,
lost in the wind.

Saturday September 12, 2009

Sunday is usually my day for poetry and One Single Impression, and this past Sunday was absorbed with varnishing the mural. But, I also had great difficulty with this prompt. I have conflicted feelings about "romance." My parents both set great store by the forms of romance, the flowers and candy, presents and cards. Growing up around them, that's what I confused the forms with the feeling. This created great conflicts for me over the years, because the two things often did not come at the same time, from the same person.

My husband John, God bless him, is both loving and passionate, but hasn't a clue about the forms of romance. Every once in a while (about one year in five) some lightening bolt will strike him and he'll suddenly turn up with flowers and cards for some event (anniversary, birthday or Valentine's) but mostly, he forgets them entirely. But when I need someone to talk to, to share my joys and my sorrows, when I need a helping hand, a help-mate, then his always there. It took me a few years of marriage before I got over being disappointed at the missing forms of romance, and while its still fun in the odd year when the thought strikes him, I'll take love and passion any day over romance.


SandyCarlson said...

I loved that. I struggled with this prompt, too. I found myself slipping into sentiment rather than facing the thing for what it is. So I stepped out of my own world and into my grandmother's.

I admired and enjoy what you've said in this poem.

I enjoyed this very much. I am glad you are at this stage of your mural. I can't wait to see the pictures.

Amias said...

Sue, this is wonderful, but I dare say, I love your dialogue at the end just as much. To me, love and passion is very romantic, after all ... it what stays int he heart that means the most.

One can see both love and passion in your art, and in how you relates to others. You my dear friend is a wonderful enigma --!

Jim said...

Hi Sue, I should just say 'Aawww' and leave.
But your last stanza is important in that it shows that the romance does fade. Love can stay as you know.
Thank you for 'catching me up' as you always have an interesting slant on these prompts that we (or me for sure) struggle with.

Married to Singaporean said...

Enjoy reading what you've said in this poem.

Qaro said...

Yes, but these things are signs for people who need to look for signs to see where to go.

Quiet Paths said...

This is so like my husband; he doesn't actually forget important dates but the flowers are not his forte'. I like the poem; it speaks true of sweet companionship, indeed.

if said...

I love the way you have analyzed love passion and romance....very nicely done!

Geraldine said...

Wonderfully expressed Sue. Your last line, so true. (but I like romance too!!!)