Sunday, September 6, 2009

Southeast Whitesburg Mural--40 signed, sealed...

and delivered.

Armed with four box fans, three extension cords, two containers of spray varnish (Lascaux UV Protection semi-matte at $25 a can!), and one respirator with new filters, I sealed the mural.

The actual work of spraying the varnish probably took less than one hour. But I stopped several times to let the fans do their work of clearing the room, and to take a break from the respirator which blocked all the odor and toxins! Afterwards I let all the fans run with the building doors wide open for more than two hours.

After the varnish dried, I uncovered the plaque to make sure everything looked right -- and discovered that I needed to do some tiny touch ups with green paint around the plaque. That completed I took final photographs of the whole thing with the plaque, but I won't release those until after the official dedication on September 23. Instead here's a final photo taken after I covered the plaque back up with some nice black poster board I picked up at Walmart on the way into campus today. Since the plaque is black, this gives you a pretty good sense of what the final effect will be.


Amias said...

No one has to tell you that you did a wonderful job .. it's painted all over your mural. You amaze me woman, you have so much talent!

Deborah Godin said...

Ta da!! Incredible job - and it was great to be able to "watch it happen"!

Sue said...

thanks, Amias and Deborah!

Anonymous said...

You can be proud of this work, Sue. It is wonderful. I have been watching the progress, too. What an undertaking, and I know you are already a busy person.

Just wanted to say


Jim said...

Sue, this is such a fine a accomplishment. You must feel so gratified. Like Michael Angelo when he finished with one his sculptures?
I suppose too you are apprehensive about how it will be accepted and wondering if it really is good enough for its place on that wall. A thousand more times more so than when you finish a poem or other personal painting might be a realistic measurement of your butterfly feeling quotient.
I am sure it is wonderfully done from what I have seen. Remember though I am not an art critique so those might be hollow words to you. But I have faith in you and IT DOES LOOK REALLY GOOD to me in what I have seen.

Qaro said...

What an accomplishment! Major props! : )