Thursday, September 17, 2009

One Single Impression -- Thirst

thirst for knowledge
reaching out in myriad
ways, questioning all.

Thursday September 17, 2009

For other (much better) poems on the prompt "thirst" see One Single Impression.


if said...

good idea...!

SandyCarlson said...

The questioning process is the learning process. I like this very much. I love the dictionary in that photo.

zoya gautam said...

" insatiable
thirst for creativity
quench it to feel full " --patti

" thirst for knowledge
reaching out in myriad
ways, questioning all" --sgreerpitt

both teachers _ both creative -

teachers fascinate me - how do they eat the pressures of their own lives , working hard to potter their raw clay into useful vessels ..

( long time ago i had run away from home to find a job as a teacher _ i got the job _ but i never joined strange - he he )

zoya gautam said...

but i never joined _ strange - he he

Jim said...

Well Sue, I feel you are very good at teaching your students to ask those questions. And to teach them how to find the answers when there are some. Not every question has an anser, yet.

How do you like those computer test banks? I just threw some away while cleaning my home office.
I always hand picked my questions. And I did believe in asking some written questions to make them show me their thinking and ability to put their thought in writing.

Sue said...

Jim -- for thirty years I've managed to avoid ever using computerized test banks, in fact I don't even like the paper ones -- I write all my own test questions.

Quiet Paths said...

Yes! To live is to learn.

Geraldine said...

I KNEW you'd be taking this prompt, in this direction Sue! :<)Nice one.

Hope to see you this Sunday too, at OSI

Many hugs, G

Amias said...

This is how I live my life -- thirsting for knowledge, without which there is no reason to live, I believe that knowledge is life.

I also think my thirst will ever be quenched, because if it did, what reason would I have for hanging around?

Maggie said...

As a child, I can recall telling my teacher I wanted to read all the books in the world...our small school library was like a cozy home to me.

I loved the start of each school year when we would get new classroom books.

Books opened the world to my imaginative spirit and filled me with a desire to know more and more.