Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sweet baby blue eyes

Here are the kittens at two weeks and two days old.

No genders or names yet.

The little feller with the raised head is the most active of the bunch.

No one has climbed out of the little bed yet. I'm sure that will happen soon.


Anonymous said...

I have an odd comment ...
why? did your cat have kittens
what are you going to do
with all these kittens
are they going to have more
and more and more ????

sgreerpitt said...

Not an odd comment, and one that I might have made myself. None of "my" cats have kittens, they are all neutered and spayed at six months or as soon as they come into my home if they are older. Tabitha was a stray that took up residence under my house during the very cold winter(through a hole that has since been blocked). I don't know who her putative owners were, but they were irresponsible, not only for not having her spayed, but also for not providing adequate shelter from winter weather. For three months she lived under my house and was so scared, that the minute the house door opened she disappeared under the house. I never got within 20 feet of her (and had no idea of her gender) from December through March. Then one day, instead of running away she ran to me and rubbed all over me, wanting to be picked up. The reason was obvious -- she was hugely pregnant (nearly 50 days as it turned out). The only choice (to me) was to take her in, and care for her and the kittens. Said care includes an appointment (made the day that the kittens were born) for Mama Tabitha to be spayed. That will happen next week. The kittens will be spayed neutered in five months time.
The kittens will become part of my household, bringing up to 11 the total cat population. They will have food and shelter, and good veterinary care for the rest of their lives.