Sunday, April 11, 2010

pink noses

Here are three of the four kittens at six days old. Number four is hiding under the pile at the moment. They don't much like the camera's flash, so I'm trying to limit the number of photo.

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gardenpath said...

They are cute!
I wonder if people slept in piles to stay warm in the beginning?

Qaro said...

Ah, Oooh, kittens! How cute! They are super cute! Little pink noses, like rosebuds, aw.

We are still looking for a kitten. Eric wants a grey girl kitty and wants to call her Katana, Japanese for sword, but also a pretty name.

I'd organize a road trip to come get one of yours if it weren't such a bad idea: a very expensive way to traumatize a kitten! ;)

Beth P. said...

my oh my--little noses so pink and unhardened by life. this is lovely. I bet they're climbing all over by now...ah, spring!