Monday, December 14, 2009

A really good cup of coffee

While doing shopping for my parents in California this past May, I chanced upon a regional chain of coffee shops, Peets, that I had never heard of before. Peets was started in 1966 in Berkeley, California, and remains a small to moderate sized business today where coffee beans are roasted in small batches by hand and shipped within 24 hours of roasting.

While in the coffee shop I indulged in a steaming cup of Decaf Sumatra and fell deeply in love. I brought a half pound home with me and my husband fell for it too the same way. We have since discovered we can order from Peets on the Internet and last week received a wonderfully redolent box with two pounds of Decaf Sumatra.

My husband feeds his caffeine addiction with the cheapest bargain brands on sale at Walmart, while we reserve the Peets for the occasional leisurely mornings when we can sit down, chat, and savor the full taste of a good cup-a-joe.

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Quiet Paths said...

A good cup of coffee knows no equal!