Wednesday, August 6, 2008

scooby doo

My dog Rosie has this peculiar habit that we refer to as "scooby dooing." Some months ago, in the evening after we went to the bedroom and she had her treat, she'd walk around to the far side of the bed, sit upright so that she could look at us over the edge of the bed (which is high) and start to converse with the universe -- sounding for all the world like Scooby Doo that great cartoon canine! That one spot was the only place in the house that she would do it for months. A few weeks ago, when we were all in the living room together, she sudden went into her huge dog crate in the living room, sat upright and began talking again. She lifts her head up and goes "rurr rour ruff" and makes other noises that sound for all the world like words. We laugh at her and say "scooby doo" and she looks pleased as punch with herself.


the teach said...

Sue, she's trying to tell you something... I don't know what but I'm sure she is! Ha! :)

Qaro said...

"Rit's Bred Trime, Shrusie!" : )