Friday, August 8, 2008

musical notes

On Tuesday at our first in-service session we had an unusual speaker. Every year the Professional Development Committee tries to come up with someone who will inform, uplift and motivate us for the new academic year, and they've chosen some wonderful speakers over the years. But this years guest speaker was truly remarkable. Harry Pickens is both an accomplished jazz pianist who plays for audiences around the world, and an inspiring speaker.

One of the important things I got from his presentation (which included both music and conversation) was that I really need to think about my "why." That is, what am I motivate by, why am I doing 'going' to work every day?

He also talked about the relationship between perception and experience and put a new twist on the old 'Geraldine' (Flip Wilson) saying "What you see is what you get." Suggesting that what we expect to see is what we get.

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