Monday, June 2, 2008

life with cats

In all likelihood every penny of that economic stimulus check we got from the government last month will end up being transferred over to our veterinarian.

We have ten cats, ranging in age from 9 years old to 14 or 15 years old. A house full of geriatric felines. [Must not forget the one, irrepressible, three year old dog that also shares our life and household.]

Over the years, almost all our regular, annual vet appointments have migrated into the summer months, when we have more time and flexibility. That's at least eight cats who have to have their regular exams and shots between May and August.

Three of our older cats are also severely allergic to fleas. Poor Nino is all covered with scabs and has been licking himself nigh unto death, so off to the vet he went this morning. He got a prednisone shot, a bottle of antibiotics to prevent the sores from getting infected, and some Capstar pills to kill the fleas because he's too broken out for topical flea medications.

Of course I'm the one who has to administer all these medications, and Nino is not one to sit still for such indignities. When one picks up Nino, he makes what John calls "squee" noises rather than meows. When Nino really gets upset he sounds like "Marge Simpson" when she's really annoyed.

In addition to the annual summer flea allergy drama with Miss Minnie, we also have some more serious concerns. Ten days ago she had her second round of breast lumps removed. The first round (a year ago) included one malignant tumor. So we are awaiting the lab results. Miss Minnie, like Nino was a stray that appeared near our apartment in Pound, Virginia 13 years ago. While Nino was a tiny kitten when found, Minnie was a young adult, with a broken rear leg.

We frequently joke that we are single-handedly helping our wonderful vet Dr. Donna Stidham, build the college fund for her son (who is still in elementary school).

Of course not all life with cats is "sturm und drang." Booger (about 14) amuses us with his constant desire to drink from any flowing water source. [Yup, still got dirty dishes in the sink.]

All photos were taken today Monday 6/2/08 with a Cannon PowerShot A75.


Qaro said...

Sounds like you take good care of them. I love, the part about Marge Simpson, I can hear it! If the Simpsons don't get picked up for season 21, there's a good career option: the voice of a cat.

Jessica G said...

I cannot imagine the vet bills for so many animals! Especially with one that had to have lumps removed - poor thing!