Saturday, June 28, 2008

connecting to our pasts

Last spring I went through a spate of tracking down old friends - a woman I knew in graduate school, a man from college, and a woman from grade school and high school.

The grade school friend, Suzanne, has had a particularly interesting life course, that has lead her to live in Mexico, and develop a thriving business in Mexican folk arts and crafts - Dos Muejers.

Less than a week ago, Suzanne e-mailed me with an exciting new opportunity: a social networking site developed by one of our high school classmates exclusively for graduates of San Mateo High School (California). What a delight! I've spent much of the week (when not dealing with computer crashes and grading on-line sociology papers) catching up on the lives of a number of old high school friends and acquaintances.

I finally understand the appeal of social networking sites.

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