Monday, June 9, 2008

cool shades

Sunglasses are sooooo cool! Groovy man!

I've never had sunglasses before. My eyesight was too bad to go without a prescription and my prescription was so expensive that I never was able to spring for prescription shades. Now, post cataract surgery, with my nearly perfect vision (20/20 in one eye, and about 20/25 in the other) I am reveling in sunglasses. So far (in just six weeks) I've acquired three pair.

What I'm finding most interesting is the psychological effect that wearing sunglasses has on my perception of the heat. It's been very hot (okay, not as hot as outside the mountains but still very hot for us), and I've avoided traveling any where for several days. But the cupboard was getting bare -- time for fresh fruits and veggies, soy milk (for John) and eggs, and especially for bread. I was amazed about how much cooler and calmer I felt mentally when I put on my shades. Cool man!

1 comment:

Qaro said...

Groovy, man!

I don't know, three pair, you might be going overboard. Just kidding, you've got years to make up for. : )

Interesting about the psychological effect.

(Don't know, can't wear them, can only stand my contacts for 4 hours for special occasions and those all seem to be at night.)