Saturday, August 28, 2010


My husband John, still attempts - futilely - to get the kittens to understand that "not" said loudly and strongly means that they should stop doing whatever it is they are doing and behave themselves.

Pictured is Samantha (Sammie) engaged in her favorite activity -- whaling the tar out of a roll of paper towels and redecorating the house with thousands of little white pieces of paper towel. She was told "not" repeatedly, but it goes in one of those great big ears and out the other one!


Maggie May said...

Oh my Goodness.....
Just like the kind of thing my rabbit would do.
You can't be cross, can you?
I just love the look on this kitty's face!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

sgreerpitt said...

she is quite adorable, which is why I had to stop and take a picture before depriving her of her "toy."

SandyCarlson said...

What fun. You have me thinking how pets keep us focused on what is important--fun. Enjoying life. Fun. God bless.

Geraldine said...

I've had my share of shredded toilet paper over the years. The good news, they do grow out of it, eventually!

Hugs and hang in there, G

PS: Your photos brought a smile to my face. Mr. Ched liked them too. :<)

Angie said...

Too funny!

SandyCarlson said...

I enjoyed another round of this fun post!