Sunday, April 5, 2009

One Single Impression -- Listening

night listening

ears open in the dark
strain to hear water dripping
--is it rain or pipes?

soft snores, man and dog,
punctuates peepers chorus,
spring night symphony.

April 5, 2009

Yet anothe take on the prompt added at 3:00 PM April 2009

Quiet mind.
Still memory.
Create silence.
Then wait.

Life cannot speak
over the roar
of the past.

April 5, 2009

For more poems on the theme "listening" see One Single Impression.
Photo of John and Rosie taken 2008.


anthonynorth said...

Love that second one. Excellent.

Maggie said...

I do so well know the sounds of snoring and the photo is so comfortable and peaceful to see.

Deborah Godin said...

Such sweet soft moments caught! You have a fine eye (or would "ear" be more appropriate this week?!) for detail!

Geraldine said...

Ahhhh...loved the photo and your words ring true!!! Well done Sue.

Hugs, G

Quiet Paths said...

I love the peepers chorus! These are wonderful. I sure am familiar with that 'straining to hear' sensation of the first verse. I am always hearing more than what is there...

Beth P. said...

Dear Sue--
These are so earthy, so poignant. Our night hearing is a different animal, for sure. THANKS for the photo...'lucky dog(s)' to have each other for cuddling like that!

Vixen said...

Great. Especially the one about the snoring, ha!

Jim said...

Hi Sue, I like it that your first three have to do will listening and quiet times while the fourth has very loud sounds of which we should be aware.
Thank you.
BTW, I have a draft poem about listening, dogs, sleeping, snoring, and more. It was too long and not right for the time I had to spend so I made the little acrostic ditty instead. (It had been a figment of my imagination all along as well--the idea, not an acrostic.)
I like yours, and the picture too.

SandyCarlson said...

When life can't speak over the roar of the past, that is the time to lie down with the dog!

(Sue, your prompt live water comes up next week. Please send me a poem and/or image for that by Friday or so.)

floreta said...

these are all great! you've illustrated the bond of 'mans best friend' well.

Tumblewords: said...

These are wonderfully descriptive - each one powerful with its own meaning. I particularly liked the final one - 'the roar of the past'.

Raven said...

I love all of these and the photo. The first makes me think of my present state of high alert as I worry that another mouse (instead of a toy) may be the object of my cat's devoted, noisy play.

The last speaks volumes.

Amias said...

I love them all Sue, but this one speaks volume to me ...

"Life cannot speak
over the roar
of the past."

zoya gautam said...

full of understanding..thanks for sharing these..