Thursday, April 9, 2009

changes, perhaps

My brother Charlie's research into group homes for one or both of my parents may have born some fruit. A small group home, about two blocks from my parent's house, came well recommended and has one opening that should suit my father (now 97) well. My mother, who is physically able to walk, dress and feed herself, would remain in her home with the continued support of her current well-liked daytime care giver, Jennifer.

As of yesterday afternoon, my mother was -- surprisingly -- very enthusiastic about the idea. Whether she will continue to support the move is yet to be seen. Over the past two years it is not at all unusual for my mother to "think about" things and come to an opposite opinion within twenty-four hours. In recent years, my mother's version of "thinking about things" has often involved some very complex and convoluted conspiracy theories that are works of fiction.

In yesterday's conversation, however, Mom was enthusiastic about this group home, because it was so close and because one of the night time staff is a woman (Elizabeth) that had worked with them in their home for several months. This latter point is somewhat surprising because although Mom recognized this caregiver as capable and competent, she did not get along well with her. I will be very curious to see what she has to say on the topic in this evening's call.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
I arrived here from onesingleimpression where I was looking for up and coming prompts. My mother will be 97 this month. She moved into a small care home last July. Before that she lived with me for almost ten years. She is physically in very good shape for her age but suffers from memory loss. I had to make the decision for her in the end but she seems happy enough and the staff are very good. I still have some guilt feelings that i wasn't able to cope with continuing to care for her myself.

Sue said...

thanks for the insight!