Tuesday, April 29, 2008

wonder drug

Prednisone is a miracle drug. So of course it has lots of nasty side effects. But taking it in the short run (for bronchitis and asthma this time) not only does much to ameliorate the breathing problems, but also gives me a few days of tremendous energy.

I've done more housework in the past six days than in the previous six weeks (maybe even six months)! Cleaned, prepared and flea bombed the bedroom, and then washed all the sheets, towels, curtains, from that room. Purchased some nice vinyl tiles and covered most of the dreadful places where the old sheet vinyl had torn up and exposed the base flooring. Used my new hacksaw to cut up the nasty, old, broken plastic garbage cans (whose lids have long since blown away), and replaced them with new metal cans, whose lids I have attached with chains. [So there garbage workers!] Vacuumed, dusted, mopped and scrubbed, much of the house. Hauled out recycling, and trash. Put together a new lamp for the living room. Kept on top of the regular dishes, laundry, and animal care duties as well.

All that housework and I still did more grading, and class work in a few days than I normally do. Tomorrow is the last day of the medication. So I figure it will be back to my usual lethargy by weeks end. Oh well.

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