Tuesday, April 29, 2008

are my thumbs green?

Having been liberated from the dreaded Virtual Learning Initiative, I am contemplating all types of projects. First on the list -- some gardening.

The quality of our soil (non-existent) and the condition of my joints (not so hot) rule out simply plowing the earth to create a garden. So I am opting for container gardening. I grew cherry tomatoes a couple of years ago in barrels and they did well. This year I'm going for a variety of larger types.

Got some nice barrels from Lowe's and some bags of garden soil. The containers have to be situated outside the fenced in part of the yard, otherwise Rosie the dog will eat them (tomatoes, plants, stakes, and the wooden barrels themselves!!). John supervised the placement to insure that he can run the mower around them.

We're having a day or two of cooler weather -- dogwood winter say the neighbors -- so transferring the tomato plants will wait for a day or two until its a little warmer. Then I'll get my hands dirty.

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Qaro said...

I'm glad you're free! Time. Isn't it great?