Thursday, April 17, 2008

birds' nests

A bridge is being installed to link the two parts of our small campus together across the river -- no more students dodging traffic and walking through people's yards.

Two large T-shaped pylons were formed of concrete more than a month ago, one on each side of the river. Over the past few weeks I've been watching the pigeons roosting on the pylon just below my office window, and thinking that if the bridge didn't get built soon, there would be birds nesting on the pylon.

This morning, on arriving in the parking garage, I noticed that the first two big sections of the bridge had been trucked in and are waiting to be assembled, and that the birds had built a big nest of twigs and straw right on the top of T of the pylon nearest my building. There were two great shiny white eggs nestled within it.

I tracked down one of our fabulous maintenance folk and pointed out the nest, asking if perhaps some one could move it before the bridge was dropped in place. Now that I have returned from class, I looked down and sure enough, the nest has been moved out of harms way. Just hope the mother bird can find its new location.


Jessica G said...

The maintenance men are fabulous - I agree.

Yay for Sue! Making the world better for birds and cats everywhere! ;)

Qaro said...

Good job!

the teach said...

Sue you asked what happened to Astrolabe, Abelard and Heloise child. There is very little about the child but one thing I found was that he was adopted by Abelard's sister. :D