Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dona Nobis Pacem

A few years ago a remarkable woman by the name of Mimi Lennox had a simple idea, what if at least one day a year millions of people all over the world could focus on just one thought, the thought of peace throughout the world, that perhaps slowly more people would think about peace every day, write about peace, talk about peace and work for peace. Thus was born the Blog Blast for Peace

Has it made any difference in the world? I don't know, but it has made some small difference in my own actions. I don't keep quiet when it comes to issues of war and peace, I make sure that people with the power to make decisions know my thoughts. Does that make a difference to the does if enough people speak up. 

So here is my one day reminder, my little mental "tug" to myself for the rest of the year that speaking up for peace in the world is important. That if enough little voices speak up, they become one big voice. 

(I'm posting a little early because I'm too sleepy to stay up till midnight!)


Michelle said...


Best Peace blessings to you. :) ☮

Laura said...

Om shanti, shalom, salaam, peace, peace, peace.

Please consider yourself officially invited to participate this year's 5th Annual Gratitude (word) Quilt. Instructions (it is very simple) and a link that explains the origin of the word quilt can be found at the top of my blog. In past years there have been participants from every continent except Antarctica. I hope you'll join us… sharing our experiences of gratitude is another way of spreading peace… seeing the goodness, the light in the midst of the darkness.

Me-Me King said...

Such a beautiful day that we all came together for Peace. Namaste

Travis Cody said...

In just a few sentences, you've captured the essence of the Blog Blast movement. It starts with each of us making these small changes in our own lives, then ripples out.

First me. Then those nearest me. Then those nearest them. Then a community. Then a town. Then a city. Ever widening until the world changes.

Peace to you and yours on this and every day.

Maggie May said...

Peace..... definitely from my neck of the woods.
I'm sure it makes a difference.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Mimi Lenox said...

Sue - Thank you for making your voice heard. Thank you for speaking up everyday of the year in your own unique way. And thank you for articulating so beautifully that this movement matters.

Peace to you and yours,

#4220 in the Official Peace Globe Gallery @
I love your peace globe!!