Friday, July 15, 2011

Kittens become Cats

The original "popcorn kittens" from 2009

Like many other people I am entranced by the antics of kittens. Unlike many people, I do enjoy the company of adult cats as well. The delight that people take in kittens and their antipathy towards adult cats contributes to the problem of cat over-population in our area, and the failure of people to neuter and spay.

They have little incentive to do so, they like seeing tiny kittens gamboling around in the summer sunshine so why would they want to shut off the supply of those kittens? Many give little thought, little food and less shelter, to the cats those kitten become by winter time. In a rural area like this even with food and shelter outdoor, feral cats fall prey to coyotes and other wild menaces (including automobiles). Even with the attrition, by spring there are still enough cats to produce plenty of new litters of kittens to amuse folks, and the cycle repeats.

There are too many kitten lovers, and not enough cat lovers, like myself, willing to make the effort to capture and spay or neuter the adults, provide them with basic veterinary care (like rabies shots), and provide food and shelter. The cost of which is overwhelming to private individuals like myself.


Maggie May said...

They are so beautiful.
If everyone had the adults spayed & neutered then there wouldn't be so many unwanted kittens about.
These are such energetic little personalities.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Glenda said...

Kittens do grow up to be cats - it's a given! I love my cats of all ages and sizes. They are such easy animals to take care of. Just give 'em a litter box, food, water and lots of love, and they're good to go.

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Geraldine said...

I couldn't agree more Sue. When I was Education Officer at the Humane Society in Sask. this was one that always made us cringe: "the kids lost interest after the kitten became a cat!!" how's that for stupidity. I have had many cats over the years and they've all been from the "last chance room" all adults. I love kittens but they've got so many more chances of adoption. I love them all. Hugs, G

Ed Pilolla said...

this is fun, especially with the charlie chaplin music. i hear you about the problems shelters have. i'm working on a multi-media project about my local animal shelter here in los angeles county where i volunteered for a few years. these issues are important to me, too.
nice to meet you and to have run across your blog.

Anonymous said...

When no longer under human sponsorship, whether in a rural situation or a more urban environment, their inborn natural guidance leads cats to revert to their ancestral identity as wild animals, full participants in the circle of life - predators AND prey - particularly the latter when they are small, alas.