Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bulletins from the Land of Dementia

A couple of days ago in our regular nightly telephone conversation my mother, made a passing comment about the sheets on her bed. She said that they were strange sheets, not her "real" sheets, and did I know where her real sheets might be. Since I have not been in her house for more than two years, and much has been rearranged by my brother and her daily home health care worker Jennifer, I told her that I did not know where her sheets were kept.

I know, from talking to Jennifer and my brother, that there have not been any changes in mother's bedding (other than regular washing)so I thought it was peculiar that she suddenly decided that the sheets on her bed were different and not her "real" sheets.

Today, I got more insight into what was going on. She told me that she had been (with the help of Jennifer) looking through all the closets, drawers, and chests looking for the "real" sheets, because (and here's where it gets strange) the sheets on her bed were slipping into her mind and giving her strange and bad dreams.

She "knows" that it has to be the sheets, after all she says, the sheets are "strange" and not the "real" sheets, so they must be pushing themselves into her mind when she is sleeping and causing the bad dreams.

Sad, yet weirdly humorous.


Maggie May said...

I was very sad when I read this and that quite often, dementia causes the sufferer so much worry and agitation.
However, thank you for highlighting this terrible disease that we all live in dread of suffering from.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Geraldine said...

Very sad indeed. My mom went through a phase where she thought the sheets on her bed were on fire. this was very frightening for her and upsetting for me.

I send a big hug to you and to your mom. As some good people said to me at the time: you both need lots of love right now.

Anonymous said...

my elderly aunt thought her son, my cousin, was an imposter - someone who looked like her son, but really wasn't