Sunday, December 5, 2010

life lessons from computer solitaire

This morning, as I often do while waiting for all my programs to load first thing in the morning, I play some games of solitaire, rather than just sit there and stare at the screen. Suddenly I was struck by the idea that there were important life lessons to be learned from computer solitaire.
  • Some days you lose more than you win, but you can always start over and the next game may be a winner.
  • When you reach a dead end, its best to stop fruitlessly trying the same thing over and over, and start afresh.
  • Sometimes the end isn't the end -- you just have to be willing to give up some of what you've already gained, take a few steps backward and head in a different direction.  You'll lose points that way, but you will accomplish your goal. 
It occurs to me that the last one applies to the current political scene.  Principles are important, and we shouldn't give up on them. As much as it goes against principle, maybe it is the right thing to make concessions in one area (temporary extension of tax cuts for the rich) and lose some points, in order to advance a larger agenda - tax cuts for the middle and working classes.

Of course one more important lesson from solitaire is:
  • Sometimes, when you've taken some steps backward, and tried a new direction, you still end up losing. Then its time to dust oneself off and start anew.

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Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

I also play solitaire on computer while waiting for things to load, or when I need a break from other thinking.

I love your lessons, and of course know exactly what you mean!