Saturday, July 10, 2010

just a pollyanna I guess

It never fails. Almost every single time in my life that there has been some costly problem (with house, car or health), some extra money has come into my life to cover that cost.

This summer the problems include: vet bills for a pregnant stray cat and her kittens, car air conditioning that pooped out in the hottest summer ever, and in the past 24 hours a broken pipe gushing water underneath the house. The extra money comes from a merit bonus ($1500 before taxes).

I prefer my way of looking at things to the reverse, i.e., that every time I get any extra money a problem comes along to use it all up.

It comes down to preferring to be happy about things than mad about them. It's a lesson learned from all those books, like Little Women, The Five Little Peppers and Pollyanna, that I read as a child.


Maggie May said...

Better to be a Pollyana.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

SandyCarlson said...

Pollyanna was the brainchild of a smart adult, though! I like your outlook.

joy said...

Haha, I am with you on all of this!

Joanne said...

So much of our outlook stems from the perspective we choose, so true! And I think the east coast is having the hottest summer too, the temps don't want to get out of the 90s these days. But my tomato plants love it.

christine said...

Oh Sue, this is such an interesting point. I know just what you mean!

Qaro said...

Great attitude! : )