Thursday, November 12, 2009

letting go of autumn

Each year it is the same, I hang on to each moment of autumn, savor each shift in color, cling to the visual experience hoping to make it last just a little longer. In the end, colors fade, leaves fall.

Yet, this very transience and impermanence is what makes autumn so glorious. If we had these colors all year round, I'd soon stop seeing them and feeling them so intensely. It is the impending loss that makes autumn so precious. This is true of life itself. Our mortality is what gives life vitality.

Even the final moments of autumn have their beauty -- as this last leaf testifies.


Anonymous said...

I may not speak as eloquently as you put it but there is a quiet surrender in letting go of autumn of bravely embracing winter.

Quiet Paths said...

It appears as though your Autumn was indeed beautiful. All those red leaves. I absolutely want to walk that path. And, I appreciate your thoughts on Autumn and the precious quality of life. They resonate in me.