Sunday, November 8, 2009

One Single Impression -- Departed

Depart from me
so I may know
the joy
of your return.

Some distance and
a little space
within which
love may grow;
sunlight and
some tender tears
nourish the vine
that twines
our hearts,
strengthing the bonds
of love.

Saturday November 7, 2009

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gautami tripathy said...

Yes, that little bit of space at times is essential.

a winter tale

SandyCarlson said...

Time and space can change the world and make a romance.

Anonymous said...

Time, space. Required for any maturing human being. Lovely and well written. Tammy

Anonymous said...

lovely take. esp the first lines,

depart from me so i may know the joy of your return..


Anonymous said...
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Jukota said...

Love the first lines... how often we forget about that part of departing!

Quiet Paths said...

A sweet and gentle reminder of that which makes the heart grow fonder. Just lovely, Sue.

anthonynorth said...

We need both to mature. Nicely said.

septembermom said...

The first lines are especially gorgeous. Very lovely.

Sandra.if said...

I love it true!!

Beth P. said...

Dearest Sue-
I so resonate with this wisdom.

Space is vital for all living, breathing things...

The photo you put with your poem made me smile!

Thank you--

Amity said...

awesome way of rendering the prompt.

'distance makes the heart grow fonder'...and so depart or be far from each other will test how deep is our love for each other.

very nice Sue!

Anonymous said...

Yes, a certain amount of separateness is needed to nurture a relationship. You could call this one A poem from a Wise Woman, Sue.

Geraldine said...

You have such a gift Sue.

What a beautiful tribute to love and a wonderful interpretation of this prompt.

Hugs, G

Tumblewords: said...

Wow! I love this one. A little time, a little space. Wonderful.

Jim said...

Sue, I've heard that line before. I need some time to think things over.
Except that didn't happen.
Instead it was a sweet little rendezvous. 'Thank God and Greyhound She's Gone' now.
The poet in you makes things come out right. Lovely.

Amias (ljm and liquidplastic) said...

Absent makes the heart grow fonder .. especially when you are in love. Beautiful words.