Saturday, December 20, 2008

seven pounds

A new multi-screen theatre with comfortable reclining seats and excellent sound systems opened in Norton, Virginia replacing two much older shabbier theatres in the region. This places more movies within a reasonable driving distance for us (40-45 minutes depending upon whether or not you hit all the red-lights as I did today). We celebrated the end of term and the holidays by taking in a film this afternoon.

The ads for Seven Pounds starring Will Smith had been intriguing me for a week. This is one of those movies (like The Sixth Sense) that you really do not want to know what the secret is before you see it. So I won't spoil it. But I will say that the movie is not scary, that there is sadness and anger in it, but also great joy, love and hope. It is a 'feel good' movie, which features good people, doing good things. Will Smith is exceptional. I highly recommend it. Just be sure to have sufficient tissues with you.

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Qaro said...

I finally saw this!