Thursday, September 11, 2008


Today is a day of remembrance in America.

I watched the memorial services at the Pentagon, shown in their entirety without commentary on C-SPAN. Beautiful, moving, somber, sad, yet hopeful, forward looking. The names were read, a bell was tolled. A military choir sang original songs. The high point -- a single bagpipe player providing the mournful strains of "Amazing Grace."

I feel sorry for brother, Frank. September 11 is his birthday, which is now forever overshadowed by tragedy.

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Jessica G said...

Frank shares the same birthday with my sister. She feels guilty having a party or even hving fun. My sister and I both were born on the only days that America was ever attacked...granted mine was years beofore hers..but it is a bit ironic..

There is something about a single bagpipe being played. Its beautiful and moving..