Saturday, March 15, 2008

down the rabbit hole

There's this thing that I do -- that I'm sure many other people do -- that I call "falling down the rabbit hole." It's where I get on-line with the express purpose of working (doing something with my on-line classes), but I decide to check on one blog before I get to work. That one blog has an interesting post that begs to be commented upon, so I comment. And I read all the other comments; some of which are fascinating and insightful. Which requires that I follow the links to that person's blog and check out their postings, and often make comments on those. Every time I do this I discover new and wonderful blogs, learn really interesting facts (especially about climate change), get to read great poetry, see beautiful photographs, listen to wonderful songs.

Next thing I know it's six hours later, I haven't done any work, I haven't gone to the grocery store, and it's pouring rain outside. I feel like Alice, emerging from some alternative universe.


Jessica said...

::giggle:: I do the exact same thing. I called it ADD, but I like your name for it much better. There's often times when I will have five plus tabs open on FireFox, one with my email, one with Blackboard, one with Ebay, one with National Geographic, another with whatever it is I am researching and yet another with something neat that I found while researching. I've become a huge fan of NASA's Earth Observatory and find myself spending hours looking at pictures...instead of writing whatever it is that I am supposed to be writing.

Yes, down the rabbit hole. I like that much better. :)

Qaro said...

I know that rabbit hole too! : )

Chris McClure aka Panhandle Poet said...