Tuesday, March 4, 2008

cat matress

Watching the news with four cats (james, oscar, tigger and pepper) in my lap and one on top my head (nino).

A really good way to get warmed up. I complain all winter long about how the cats sit on the vents and soak up all my expensive heat. On a really cold day, one can walk around the center of the house and all the vents (six of them) will have one or two cats sitting squarely on top. But then when evening comes, they pile on and give it all back.

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Jessica said...

Our boxer mix also enjoys to sit on the vent in the family room. We often have to shoo him off because he blocks all of the heat coming into the room.

Once he's off...all 60 pounds of him...turns into a lap dog..which...once he falls asleep...turns into what feels like 120 pounds trying to move off my lap ;)