Friday, May 20, 2011

my dog ate the remote - thank goodness for Dollar General

Dollar General stores are the new general stores of small town America in the twenty-first century. They are small and crowded with a wide range of inexpensive, but necessary items. There's not much choice. But when the dog eats your TV remote (as mine did this afternoon) you can find a new one (only one choice) at Dollar General for $10.

To do any significant shopping, in our rural area I have to drive at least 13 miles to Walmart. But there's a Dollar General store about three miles away, that can help when dealing with emergencies. We actually had two today: an huge invasion of ants in our brand new kitchen, and the aforementioned dog attack on the remote. The Dollar General store provided me with ant traps, ant poison spray, and a new remote -- plus some chocolate goodies to sooth my ruffled spirits.

The Dollar General store has clothing, household goods, toys, food, and many of the types of things that used to be found in old fashioned general stores. The one thing that's missing is the old guys, sitting around on wooden chairs playing checkers, and discussing the weather. Maybe that's an idea to pass on to corporate headquarters.


Maggie May said...

That general store sounds just the ticket!
Hope the dog doesn't have too many problems after eating the remote.
Pity you can't click a button to control him!

Hope the ants will soon be despatched.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Geraldine said...

Oh that sounds awful, how is your dog? I hope he's doing ok.

The stores sound like a good idea, a return in a way, to simpler times too.