Tuesday, March 1, 2011


One of my favorite bloggers, a lovely lady from England is Maggie May. Her profile begins with the sentence: "Not to be confused with the other Maggie May!"

So every time I visit Maggie's blog I am reminded of Rod Stewart's song "Maggie May," which is something of a bitter sweet reminder. While I love the song, in recent years listening to the lyrics carefully has made me uncomfortable. In particular the line "You lured me away from home/just to keep you from being alone," haunts me.

You see, I just may have been a "Maggie May" once upon a time.

My first husband was eighteen (I was 32) when we met, nineteen when we began dating, twenty when we married, twenty-one when he left me, and only twenty-two when we divorced. At the time it felt like he pursued me, like the relationship was equal and mutual. But over the years as I've heard of his struggles in life with addiction, relationships, and careers, I question my perception.

For me, the relationship, despite its brevity, was an overwhelmingly positive force in my life. Even the pain of loss and divorce was a gift that helped me become a better, more insightful, balanced and emotionally richer person.

I hate to think that my gains were another person's losses; so everytime I hear "Maggie May" I wonder. Was that me?


Maggie May said...

Oh..... what a surprise! Didn't expect to see a post with me in it!
Whatever you were facing at one time, you have come out of it a stronger person.
We are both respectable ladies!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Geraldine said...

A song that I always love to hear. What an interesting story you have to go with your thoughts on this one. I'm just getting around to visiting some blogs I've missed for a while, hope you are well Sue.

My new blog: www.takeahappybreak.com

SandyCarlson said...

The line from the song that you mention in this post brings back memories for me, too. I've been down that road. That experience was one of my greatest teachers. I have learned that we are all doing the best we can--even if what we do hurts others. Somehow.

I am so glad to hear from you.