Saturday, January 15, 2011

small regrets

I am delighted with my new house, and getting hooked up to the electrical grid was a necessary step in the process. But I have some regret for the sacrifices of trees made for that to happen.

All the trees in the foreground of this picture -- from the multi-trunked sycamore on the left to the brilliant hued dogwood in the center, to the diagonally growing trees -- were cut down in order to create a new right of way for electric lines and a new pole (right about where the dogwood stood).

Their loss is not so noticeable in the stark black and white world of snowy January, but I know that I will miss these familiar friends come October.


sandy said...

I do understand that. Our town library just completed a much need parking lot expansion, but lost a beautiful grove of trees. Progress?

Judy Shepps Battle said...

What a beautiful observation and the picture is great!

christine said...

That is a hard one; I know how you feel. Fortunately, trees grow quickly in your part of the woods... so to speak. You might be able to plant more through your local state nursery at not much cost.